Implant Crown Procedures

Dental implant crowns are the final step of the dental implant placement process, and basically, a dental implant is simply an artificial tooth root. If you are going to lose or are missing only one tooth, then we replace it with an implant crown. The crown is fastened onto the implant using an abutment or post. An abutment is a component that is fastened to the implant and extends through the gum tissue to serve as an attachment for the crown. The crown is retained onto the abutment by dental cement or a screw. We often will recommend the fabrication of a temporary implant crown for use during or after implant healing. This is especially important in the front part of the mouth as the temporary crown can help shape the gum tissue giving the implant crown a more natural appearance. Our office only works with high-quality dental laboratories to fabricate your crown. In cosmetic cases, we go to great lengths to match the shade of your teeth to create a beautiful smile.

failing teeth that needs dental crown smile after dental implant crown procedure