What are Implant Bridges?

When you are missing several or all of your teeth we may recommend an implant bridge. A bridge is a form of fixed or non-removable teeth replacement. You do not usually need a dental implant to replace every missing tooth. We can use a select number of implants in strategic positions to support a bridge that replaces several teeth. For example, two implants can be separated by a space to support a three-tooth implant bridge. The bridge is usually fastened onto the implants using an abutment or post. It is retained onto the abutments by dental cement or a screw. Our office only works with high-quality dental laboratories to fabricate your bridge.

smile without frontal teethdental implants

In cosmetic cases, we go to great lengths to match the shade of your teeth to create a beautiful smile. After we are finishing installing your new implant bridge, you will find yourself smiling all the time!

We offer a wide variety of dental implants. To learn more about our dental implant procedures, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will access your case and provide you with a plan that will cover your specific dental needs.